Hooks For Hope

Reeling In Happiness

About Us

 I was introduced to fishing over 30 years ago, and I immediately became hooked on it. Since then, it’s always played a significant role in my life. There’s no better way to connect with family, friends and even people you’ve just met, all while enjoying the beauty of nature and being outdoors. Few things in life deliver such excitement, fun, joy and satisfaction as fishing.
As my sons got older, I introduced them to it, and to no surprise, they enjoy it as much as I do (which is debatable). Seeing them light up with excitement when they get a fish on the line, fight the fish, and catch the fish is extremely fulfilling as a parent. For them, at that moment, it’s pure unadulterated happiness and pride.
It is those moments that have inspired me to create Hooks for Hope, a new project with the simple goal of bringing this feeling to children who wouldn’t ordinarily get an opportunity to go fishing. We will be organizing events focused around fishing, fun and connection, with the goal of creating a lasting, inspirational experience.
My goal is to make this a community project, involving as many friends and family as I possibly can. The more of us that get involved, the more impact we can create in our community.
If you have read this far and would like to contribute in some way, please contact me. Planning and organizing these events will be fun and fulfilling, and I’m dedicated to putting together a great team.
If you have a connection to an organization that works with children who could benefit from this, please contact me with that information.
Like this page https://www.facebook.com/HooksForHopeFL , post a message and I will respond quickly. Share it and spread the word!